Grow and stay ahead

of competitors

We help you build and manage brands, teams, and organizations that wow! and win the hearts, minds, and pockets of stakeholders.

We are a BOCO Team...

Our BOLD, ORIGINAL and Creative Options will improve your game and win you Customers and Markets. We will make you:- 

  • Stand-out and be noticed
  • grow your market, and engage with your current and new customers
  • get the results and Impact that you need.

CreativeHill Services

We help you Grow and stay ahead !

At CreativehHILL we are curious, inventive and not afraid to use new insights and creative ideas to build brands that connect with people where they live, play, shop or work.


to stand out


to stay ahead

Web, Digital & Social

Media engagement


Sales and Marketing


Your identity starts with the right Name, Logo, Colors and Fonts that stands out. Get a logo and Identity that conveys what you do, is unique and appeals to and leaves a Memorable Impression to your customers

Social Media Engagement

Inform, Convince, Acquire, Nurture or Retain clients with the right Engagement that stands out.


Stay ahead with amazing Digital and Social media fortprint footprint.


An amazing website is the foundation of all your digital and social media marketing and client engagement.


Happy Faces

We have very many happy repeat clients


The Ideas WOW!

Ideas from the BOCO Team at creativehill made a lot of difference in my pest control company

Paul Wachira, Nairobi Kenya

The Upped my Game!

Evans, Ken and Joakim are now my partners and their ideas have really taken my game to the next level

James Sutton,
Karen Nairobi

Kens team have really helped with my Digital Marketing Campaigns

Veronica Hudson, MD Lamu Kenya

Wish to Try our BOCO?

BOCO stands for Bold, Original, and Creative Options. We are guys with fresh ideas that will challenge the ordinary, make you stand-out and in the process gain new customers, grow market share and make you a lot of money.